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Default Re: SI's Top 10 Dunk Contest Dunks

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
Yeah, the 2000 dunk contest was great because not only did VC give a near perfect performance, but TMac and Francis showed up with really good performances as well.

You will get no arguments from me on Carter's 360 windmill. It is the single best looking dunk I've ever seen. Basketball porn, if you will.

Meh, we can argue the semantics of the dunk. To me the reasons why Richardson's final dunk in 2003 ranks at the very top is twofold:

1) The moment and situation.
Desmond Mason was a terrific dunker and those two went at it all throughout the competition. It was definitely one of the best battles in a dunk contest, up there with Dominique and MJ. It came down to the final dunk, he needed like a 49 or 50 to win, and Richardson completed it on his very first try (something important to me). For the same reason why I'll take a clean jumper to win a game in the Finals over some ridiculous move and circus shot to win a regular season game, I like this dunk.

2) The dunk itself was just about as far as creativity should be allowed in a dunk contest.
Self alley? Done before. From the base line? Nothing new. Between the legs? Solid, maybe good, is all. But he combined everything with the added difficulty of going between the legs reverse. He literally picked parts of the greatest dunks ever, joined them, and that treasure emerged.

There was so much going on in the dunk that it almost felt like he made up what he was going to do after his jump in the first viewing, yet it still came off simple --in a good way. Like a good painting, from afar you see a beautiful picture and that's great and all. Then when you look up close (the replay), you can see the true intention of every little brush stroke and only then do you realize what a masterpiece it is.

I do agree that it could have been cleaner and/or stronger to some extent. However, considering the level of difficulty pertaining in that dunk, it really couldn't have been much better unless he can jump higher. Which, imo, would take a little away from the dunk.
Good stuff. I agree with some things (loved that battle between Richardson and Mason) and still do not entirely agree with other things, but I respect it. It was a great dunk all the same.
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