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Default Re: Could Dennis Rodman defend Lebron?

Originally Posted by pauk
Marion shut down Lebron? What? Where? When? How? No my man... its not him or any one man that was bothering him, it was those guys behind Marion.... but more than that it was himself that shut himself down

This isn't about this statement in particular, just a general statement based on several decades of participating and lurking on basketball message boards.

I find it interesting that often a defensive player doesn't get credit if his defensive assignment has a subpar game or series (with the caveat that it depends on if the agenda is to disparage the particular offensive player in question, but then it becomes more about that player "choking" than any positive thing the defender did). It's always, the offensive player just wasn't making shots he normally makes, or he stopped himself. It's like it's not possible for any defender to adversely affect him in any way or simply play great defense on him. It's always about what the offensive player didn't do rather than what the defensive player did.
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