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Default Re: SI's Top 10 Dunk Contest Dunks

J Rich's bounce, between the legs, reverse is #1. That is a preposterously difficult and unique dunk. Exactly what the dunk contest is about... Not that gimmick crap like jumping over a kia or putting on a superman cape.

#2 I think I would go with Carter's 360 windmill.

#3 I am fine with MJ's free throw dunk here, since it's probably the most iconic dunk ever performed at the dunk contest.

#4 would be MJ's leaning dunk.

And where the **** is J Rich's off the backboard between the legs?

I agree with Rake's on that one Blake dunk. The first attempt would have been an all-timer. By the time he finally hit the dunk it was just a normal 360...

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