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Default Re: SI's Top 10 Dunk Contest Dunks

Regarding the Five Worst Dunk Contests of All-Time, I've got two I feel belong on the list: 2012 (Last year's debacle) and 2002 (The Wheel). I actually kind of liked the 1996 and 1997 dunk contests and I certainly do not believe '97 was worse than 12's. I might remove those two and replace them with '02 and '12.

And outside of '04's terrible finish, I didn't find that contest to be too terrible either. Andersen performed well. Ricky Davis was solid. Fred Jones had at least one good dunk. And Jason Richardson pulled off an all-timer (the off-the-backboard, between-the-legs crush).

Originally Posted by gasolina
Agreed. VC's clockwise 360 windmill and MJ's sideways windmill should be battling #1 and #2.

The problem with JRich's dunks is that they weren't strong enough
I thought Richardson's dunks were strong. I mean, I didn't think they were ungodly powerful, but I thought they passed the threshold of what's deemed acceptable in that regard. But I respect your views there. Even then, I did not feel the dunk of his they included in that top ten list was his best competition dunk.

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