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Default Re: SI's Top 10 Dunk Contest Dunks

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I personally have a strong disagreement with Vince Carter's cuffed, clockwise 360 windmill being anywhere outside of the top 2 NBA contest dunks of all-time, let alone falling behind Gerald Green's Cupcake dunk and Dwight Howard's Superman.

I'd also select Jason Richardson's off-the-backboard between-the-legs dunk over his awesome-but-kinda-ulgy bounch reverse between-the-legs. I might even prefer his windmill and two-hand, reverse bounce windmill from the 2002 contest.

I also feel as if there had to have been at least one of Dominique Wilkins' dunks that'd register on this list. He wasn't even in the honorable mentions (though Blake Griffin's Car Dunk is present).
Agreed. VC's clockwise 360 windmill and MJ's sideways windmill should be battling #1 and #2.

The problem with JRich's dunks is that they weren't strong enough
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