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Default Re: Could Dennis Rodman defend Lebron?

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
Dennis Rodman's "Incedible defense on Shaq!" video has made Dennis Rodman overrated as a defender. Rodman was not the best defender in his time, he was known as a pest player that would get in your head and cheapshot you a few times in order to get you throw out of games, he also was good at making the right kind of hustle intangible plays at the right time to help the teams he was on, and was of course a supremely elite rebounder. But he wasn't some defensive god. If you want someone to defend Lebron from that era you pick Scottie Pippen.

This. No agenda here and nothing against Rodman (big fan, actually), but people seem to forget that Shaq averaged 27/11/4/1.5/1.5 on 64% shooting against Rodman in that series. Please, no rhetoric about how "those were the hardest 27 points Shaq ever got." When we say that, we usually mean the offensive player had to take more shots or was generally less effective. I fail to see how either applies in this case.

That video is great, and it showcases Rodman's versatility, but, like CavsFTW said, it's given Rodman a reputation he doesn't fully deserve.

Not that he couldn't guard Lebron, or that he could -- this is just something I've been thinking for a little while and wasn't sure how agreeable it would be.
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