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Default Re: Could Dennis Rodman defend Lebron?

Originally Posted by pauk
No, thats a speed/quickness mismatch (talent/skill mismatch is obvious)... and Lebron is even bigger than Rodman was...

I don't think you realize how strong Dennis Rodman was... he would easily muscle LBJ out of position. He was able to stand his ground against much stronger guys like CB34, Shaq, Malone, etc. Lebron's additonal height means nothing in this matchup. quickness is Lebron's only advantage, but Rodman's defensive footwork and instincts would make up for that a lot. Mentally LBJ is not ready for what Rodman would throw at him, there's nobody in the NBA today close.

Lebron would still be able to effect a game, but not close to what he's used to. It would be a fun matchup to watch for sure. I think the deciding factor would be how it was officiated because Rodman got away with a ton of shady BS that he would not get away with in today's NBA.
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