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Default Re: Lebron in the 1990's

Originally Posted by andgar923
I agree, but you misunderstood what I meant.

I mentioned he'd be a mixture due to their styles.

If you watch Clyde and Bron they have a similar way in which they play. They both sorta put their head down and drive the same, they both have similar face up game, not very diverse might I add. The Nique comparison is due to their size and some of their athleticism, and form (shooting form, dribbling, some moves etc.) If you watch them move, it can be eerily similar in the way they move, jump, attack. Even their spin moves are very similar.

And yet prime/peak Drex was better than Nique. Drex was a Jordan-lite...and Bron is better (and would be better back then too) than Drex ever was. I remember games where announcers would debate whether Drex was just as good as Jordan (which was silly...but still). Bron would be absolutely just as dominant if not more due to a watered down league.
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