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Default Re: Lebron in the 1990's

Originally Posted by jlip
30-34 yr old Dominique Wilkins avg. 26-30ppg/ 6-9rpg from '90-'94. Please tell me why a prime Lebron would be any worse than that.

He wouldn't, and he's obviously the vastly superior passer, ball-handler and defender. Although I wouldn't say Nique's age is relevant because he was a better player than ever in the early 90's, especially '93. Smarter and more under control with more range on his jumper.

I see Lebron scoring anywhere from 25-30 depending on his team, anywhere from 6-8 boards(more size in the paint and less missed shots might bring his rebounds down slightly) and 6 or so assists if he was scoring close to 30, not because he wasn't capable of more, but because I'm not sure he'd be as ball-dominant. Though that's on a good team, and we have to consider the faster pace, and Lebron has always been unstoppable in transition. He'd get his easy baskets, and make some great passes that didn't rely on him being ball-dominant.

So 27-28 ppg with 7-8 rpg and 7-8 apg isn't far-fetched, imo. It all depends on the team.

Originally Posted by andgar923
I think his game would be a mixture of Clyde and Nique. Somewhere along those two.

He's a better ball-handler than both, and a lot stronger/heavier, plus he's easily the best defender of the 3. A much better passer than Nique too, and still a better passer than Clyde, though the gap isn't as large because Drexler was a great passer.

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