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Default Re: Lebron in the 1990's

Originally Posted by Soundwave
He'd be better than Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, (young) Kobe, etc. but Jordan and Shaq would still be better players.

It would be a lot more physical with better centers back then too.

He'd still be a top player obviously. Basketball is still basketball it's not like things have changed *that* much.

I think the game changed *a lot* in the 1970s, was refined in the 80s, and sort of leveled off in the 90s.

It has changed enough to make a difference.

The game is more perimeter oriented due to the rule changes that encourage perimeter scoring and punish the defense.

There's also less ball movement today with far more one on one, which helps perimeter players statistically. If you saw the clip that was posted in which MJ got a triple double in 21 minutes, you'd see how he didn't dominate the ball like Bron and most of today's players do today. That was how the game was played back then, can you imagine Bron having the same stats if he didn't have it in his hands as often? they'd probably take a slight dip.

The lane being clogged was a huge deterrent for offensive players back then.

So yeah, the game has changed enough to make a difference when you combine all of this plus more factors that I may have missed.
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