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Default Re: Lebron in the 1990's

Originally Posted by andgar923
He's just learning to post.
He can't move without the ball at all.
His shot has improved, but with more resistance it will take a dip.
The lane will be far more clogged, thus eliminating many of his drives down the lane.
He'd also get fouled more without him getting the calls, which will eliminate some of the fts he gets and give the defense freedom to be more physical.

All of this adds up during the course of a game, the course of a season, the course of a career.

Just now learning the post because he came into the league when it was already a slashing league rather than post.

He would probably learn how to move without the ball since he wouldn't be brought up in a league consisting primarily of ISOs and where ball movement was a bigger part of the culture. I actually think he would've been a more complete player if he came in the league in the 90s cause he woulda started with a more fundamental base rather than 1 on 5 offense on the Cavs.

His shot has improved but was never why he was dominant anyway.

The lane is much more clogged now since zones are legal.

MJ still got would Lebron.
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