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Default Re: Lebron in the 1990's

Originally Posted by Dave3
Yeah, people always tend to confuse hard fouls in the 90's with better defense. They weren't allowed to just shove guys without foul calls or anything. Fouls back then were called just like they are now. Maybe a flagrant today would've been just a hard foul then, but a foul today would still have been a foul then. I don't think LeBron would have been any worse at all back then. If anything he would have had a slightly more athletic advantage in his younger years.

No. fouls today wouldn't have been called the same way.

There are dozens upon dozens of fouls that are called today that wouldn't have been called back then. And it's mostly the tick tack kind that hurt you the most.

But the biggest difference is how a team and player plays due to the rules. Example..

let's say I'm guarding you in today's game. I put my hand check you slightly as you drive, I get a foul called. Next possession, you drive and a man rotates touching you, foul called. That already puts the defense in a tough situation to guard, now you receive less resistance to getting anywhere. Being cautious, I guard you again in the next possession, tick tack touch foul is called on me. Now I can't touch you so my defense on you is extremely handicapped. This happens every game to just about every player.

Let's take this back to the past eras.

Those same possessions won't get called fouls. So that gives me as a defender a bit more freedom to be aggressive. It gives my team the opportunity to play you tougher for extra possessions. These add up during the course of a game, naturally not everything will be allowed, but the rules are already in the defense favor. Now you combine that with the other plays that don't usually get called such as screens, elbows (while in the paint) etc.etc. it wears down the offensive player and gives the defense more freedom.
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