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Default Re: Lebron in the 1990's

Originally Posted by Pointguard
What are your thoughts? Who guards him? Would he be better?

I do want to get one thing out of the way. Hand checking doesn't work on a bigger, stronger and faster player. In fact it works to their advantage. Malone and Barkley used it as leverage to spin toward the basket.

Hand checking in the post and hand checking out on the perimeter are two very different things. Malone and Barkley were both *much* better post players, Malone was more of a mid-range fade-away kind of post player( especially as he aged) while Barkley was more explosive around the basket with an assortment of moves under the rim. Hand checking on the perimeter meant the defender is able to pretty much lay his hand on your hip and *guide* you to where he wanted you to go, so it took someone with exceptional driving ability to free themselves from being consistently hand-checked over the course of a game.
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