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Default Re: Lebron in the 1990's

Originally Posted by Dave3
Yeah, people always tend to confuse hard fouls in the 90's with better defense. They weren't allowed to just shove guys without foul calls or anything. Fouls back then were called just like they are now. Maybe a flagrant today would've been just a hard foul then, but a foul today would still have been a foul then. I don't think LeBron would have been any worse at all back then. If anything he would have had a slightly more athletic advantage in his younger years.

The 90's had better interior defense, clearly. You could camp in the paint because the rules allowed, plus they had better defensive centers too. You can say perimeter defense works better too, because it wears down the smaller opponents.

I'm not so sure about a foul today would be a foul back then, with reference of the touch fouls like Durant, Wade, etc.. get with their acting, rip through moves, and all. I don't think it would be called as much back then, it would have to be a harder foul.

James would be a back to the basket player and playing with big men. More or less, he'd still be an all-time great.
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