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Default Re: Lebron in the 1990's

Originally Posted by Pointguard
What are your thoughts? Who guards him? Would he be better?

I do want to get one thing out of the way. Hand checking doesn't work on a bigger, stronger and faster player. In fact it works to their advantage. Malone and Barkley used it as leverage to spin toward the basket.

Less rebounds, less assists, less points, lower efficiency.

No hand checking wouldn't work to his advantage. It may have worked on Chuck, but Chuck was a post player that also used his weight and lower base as an advantage. Chuck was also ferocious and much tougher. Lebron just now is starting to scratch the surface on how to play the post. One huge disadvantage he'd have is the paint being far more congested and players much tougher with rules that favored the defense when compared to today's game. He won't be able to just run through the middle like he does today, if he did it would be contested and met with a hard foul.

Coaches wouldn't allow him to dominate the ball as much, and his off the ball game is mediocre.

Not to say he wouldn't get his from time to time, but his opportunities and his efficiency would take a noticeable dip. Still an all star, but I don't think he'd be the player we know him as today.

Bird had a great shot which allowed him to play at a very elite level, along with that was his legendary toughness. Bron doesn't have a great shot, he isn't known to be legendary in the tough department either. Magic a point forward, made quick passes and more importantly dribbled with his back turned which made it harder on the defense. Bron would be awesome on the open court no question about that. I guess it'll depend on the team he plays with. Put him on the Warriors a fast break team and he excels. But put him on a more post oriented team, and he won't be the same Bron we know of today.
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