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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins responds to SI article with 57 points

that article was really unfair for a number of reasons.

number 1:

he attacked Mitch Wiggins for something that transpired 20+ years ago. Say something about the player, but why go after someone who already paid dearly for his past mistakes and use it to shine a bad light on his son.

number 2:

he talks about Ro Russell but he doesn't know shit. Andrew was playing at Vaughan Road Secondary in Toronto and was said to be on his way to the US BEFORE his involvement with Russell and the junior national squad. Thamel is simply name dropping Russell in an attempt to further discredit Wiggins' road to present.

number 3: This article put him in a lose/lose situation. Scenario A, he comes out, dominates all over the floor as a response, and Thamel says "see, I told you so!" Scenario B, he has an off game and Thamel says "he can't handle pressure/don't believe the hype"

he sparked a mini-controversy that caused his article to get probably hundreds of thousands of hits. in essence, he his job. no matter how much of douche he ended up looking like
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