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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins responds to SI article with 57 points

I guess in related news because I don't want to make a new thread...

Wiggins tentatively scheduled three official visit dates this morning:

-First to UK when they play Miss State on Feb 27.
-Second on March 3 to Kansas on their senior night against Texas Tech (the game is on the 4th--OV's are two days long).
-Last one to UNC on March 9 for their senior night against duke.

Not surprisingly he eliminated Syracuse and Ohio State. And as you might already know, he already OVed to Florida State a while back.

Now tentatively is still tentatively, but it's a hell of a lot more concrete than random interviews saying he we try to visit x school. As an invested fan of a school still in his recruitment, I can tell you that I and many other people weren't sure he would ever step foot on campus. I'm still not positive he will.

Also Wiggins has played his recruitment extremely close to his chest. I don't know anything, you very likely don't, and I don't think anyone really does other than Wiggins and his family. By tentatively scheduling his visits to Kansas and UNC, this pretty much tells us that he is legitimately looking at those other two schools, along with the presumed top two in FSU and UK.

A couple random tidbits...

Apparently Bill Self has developed a good relationship with Wiggins and that's why KU has jumped up in his recruitment so quickly. That could be key going forward as Wiggins said the coach is one of the most important things he is looking in a school. You can also point to the play of Ben McLemore as a positive.

Also I heard UK and UNC were fighting for the March 9th date for his OV. UK has their senior night against rival, Florida. And the aforementioned game between UNC and duke in Chapel Hill. So that's interesting... Read it as you like. I'll throw this out there as well... Wiggins (UNC) vs Parker (duke)? 1v2 ranking, biggest rivalry in college basketball, some words from Parker's father about Wiggins, Wiggins' competitive nature... Something to think about.

Still don't discount Florida State. It's been stated over and over again, Wiggins is not a big fan of the "spotlight". Florida State gives him a more low key situation, where he's already close to Leonard Hamilton, and can play his one year ball with his best buddy.

Lest we forget that everyone knew Wiggins was going to reclassify before he did, but he waited on doing so until his parents told him to. Florida State is only on the list because of both of his parent's connection to the school and Coach Hamilton. I really doubt Florida State looking like ass this year is going to have any pull in his recruitment.
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