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Default The false notion that Miami is the worst rebounding team and will suffer for it

in the playoffs.

#1. The only rebounding stat that matters is rebounding "differential", as it's for the games the Heat actually play. Moreover it's not based on false data but actual pace of the team and other factors. The Heat are 20th in rebounding differential, not last in the league.

#2. We've seen it time and time again ( see Bulls series and big teams when it mattered) the Heat adjust and crash the boards effectively. Two years ago Lakers fans were reveling before the match up in Miami how the Lakers were going to blow away Miami on the boards with the Bynum/Gasol/Odom frontcourt. This was their key to the game. At the end of the game the Lakers only outrebounded Miami by 4 or 5, and it was of no consequence to the final outcome with Miami winning the game, and Miami outrebounding the Lakers frontcourt during the pivotal 4th quarter of that game. The Heat ending an extra man every time and Mike Miller seeing more minutes for that game and crashing the boards for 8 rebounds was part of it.

#3. The Heat were ranked in the top 10 for rebounding the past 2 seasons with basically the same cast.

#4. Birdman is now a member of the Heat and he has been averaging 18 boards per 48 minutes with Miami. He is getting himself in shape and will see more minutes when it counts (benches shorten in the playoffs and we all know Birdman will be a big part of that short bench because of the position he plays).

#5. We have yet to see Birdman and Bosh play together this season, we all know they will see ample time together in the playoffs in spurts when Miami needs some rebounding. Every year we see Miami do things differently in the playoffs compared to the regular season. Miami doesn't show all their cards during the regular season, Pat Riley isn't stupid.

#6. Mike Miller is one of the best SF/SG rebounders in the NBA per minute. The Heat are saving him for the postseason when it counts. Whenever he comes in the Heat look much better in the rebounding department.

#7. The Heat are ranked in the Top 12 in the NBA for rebounding since Birdman joined the team. Rebounding is contagious, and Birdman has had an effect on the entire team, not just with his play but how contagious it's been (Miami outrebounding just about every opponent, including some Top 7 rebounding teams since Birdman joined the Heat)

#8. It's obvious the Heat are coasting for much of the regular season. This affects rebounding totals. Why burn themselves out before the playoffs. Let the Bulls do that so they'll be spent for the playoffs while other teams raise their intensity a couple notches.

in games where Andersen has played more than 10 minutes, Miami averaged 9.2 offensive rebounds. The "Birdman" himself is putting up 3.7 points and snatching four rebounds for the Heat, all in 10.8 minutes per contest.

He's crashing the offensive glass with 1.7 per game, which almost matches Chris Bosh's average; he leads the Heat in offensive rebounding with two per game. After Andersen, there is Udonis Haslem with 1.3. Considering Bosh's 33.8 minutes and UD's 19.5, he's doing a fantastic job.

In terms of an overall team effect, Miami is better defensively with Andersen in the game. With him on the bench, the Heat allow 104.2 points per 100 possessions, which contrasts vastly to the 96.7 rating when he's on the court. The team's shot-blocking is also affected, as it boosts from their usual five per contest to 8.1 per 48 minutes.

The Heat are just fine at rebounding. With Birdman aboard, and with some of the most talented rebounders at their position for pace (Wade, Lebron, Miller, Haslem chipping in), sending an extra guy to crash the boards as we've seen time and time again with this team, and proper adjustments by the coaching staff, Miami will be fine rebounding.

The Heat haters are grasping at straws if they think rebounding will be a huge issue in the playoffs.

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