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Default Re: Kevin Durant getting lots of techs

Originally Posted by insidehoops
For the second time this season, Thunder forward Kevin Durant said he needs to watch his mouth and cool it on the technical fouls.

“I just got to shut up,” Durant said after picking up his ninth this season Monday night. “I'm racking ‘em up, man. Sometimes I get too excited and voice my opinion when I shouldn't. I just got to shut up and play the game.”

Durant is now tied for the league's lead in technical fouls. He's joined by Carmelo Anthony, Matt Barnes, Kobe Bryant, DeMarcus Cousins and Blake Griffin.

-- The Oklahoman

I had a coach once say to another player after he got his 6th technical of the season after blowing up and getting angry,

"Son! You're not GOOD enough to be mad!"

Well what the heck do you tell KD?
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