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Default Re: The Saga Of Greek Cup Final 2013

Originally Posted by gabepizza
It doesn't matter how many seats there are. It matters how many fans and for the Greek Cup Final there were zero fans.

Imagine forcing the Knicks to play a game in front of zero fans? They would laugh you out of the arena.

But for poor scrubs like Spanoulis that is a regular thing in the Greek League. I hope Spanoulis has fun dodging chairs and flares in the Greek league while Anthony is chatting it up with Spike Lee and Jay-Z in the front row seats of NBA games in front of 19,000 fans.

Spanoulis might play some games in front of 20,000 fans but other games have like 10,000, other games like 2,000 and then some games zero.

What a joke!

There wasn't 0 fans you ****ing idiot.
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