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Default Re: The Saga Of Greek Cup Final 2013

Originally Posted by gabepizza
Fine 2,000. What a superstar playing in front of 2,000. And then they were all kicked out! So playing in front of zero fans! What a superstar!

Hardcore environment!! What kind of star wants to play a game with no fans, flying flares and objects coming from the stands, corrupt or intimated refs? Sounds like players from the third world like Nigeria or something.

You think the best players in the world would want to play in such an environment?? I really feel bad for Hines and all those players who have to play in such low class arenas. Too bad they can't make the NBA with their 20,000+ arenas, first class flights. Imagine being hit by a flare! lol The must realize they are at the bottom of the bottom now!!

Too bad the Knicks don't have a 20,000+ arena. Too bad New York City is so backwards and poor that it can't afford one.
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