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Default Re: The Saga Of Greek Cup Final 2013

Originally Posted by Euroleague
That's the proper thing to do in such situations. For the refs to stop the game. What happened in Athens was an absolute disgrace, with the refs allowing all of that to happen and still playing the game.

Game was stopped because Red Star wanted to not because refs wanted to , Vujosevic wanted the game to be continued and that's why he went to argue and Red Star fans stared throwing thing at him .

Last year in game 4 of the Serbian league finals game was played in Zeleznik and there weren't any conditions for game to be played but refs didn't stoped it .
Red Star fans so close to the court that they were spitting on Partizan coach , they hit Milosavljevic in the head with the ball , climbed on basket and they even hit their own head coach Pesic in the head with the bottle that was ment for Partzian players .

In basketball thing like that can only happen in Serbia or Greece
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