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Default Re: German Club Bayern Munich Would Not Want Dirk Nowitzki

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Dirk does not make 15 million euros net salary in the NBA. He only makes $9 million dollars net in the NBA.

Bayern's basketball budget is supposed to be around $10 million (7-8 million euros depending on the exchange rate).

So Dirk actually makes less than their budget, not "double". He was obviously just exaggerating.

Don't you get that it doesn't matter for Bayern what Dirk gets on his bank account, they have to pay the gross anyway. In germany the employer has to pay the taxes and not the employee. If you have a 10 gross(brutto in german) salary and the taxes for that income category are 20% the employer has to pay 8 to the employee and 2 to the "IRS".

You're mixing up that players in germany receive net income, but the salary the club has to pay is gross. Opposed to the US where the play receives the gross as net and has to pay taxes himself or else commits tax fraud.

In most of europe you only receive the gross yourself as a freelancer of any kind.
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