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Default Re: German Club Bayern Munich Would Not Want Dirk Nowitzki

Originally Posted by Overdrive
No, he would not, because Dirk would command to much money. Hoeneß is a manager who first and foremost wants his club to be finantially healthy and stable.

Dirk's NBA salary is 20 million us-dollars. That's about 15 million euros.
Germany nearly has the same laws for working and basically the employer has to pay a "brutto"-Salary, which means he has to pay the full 15 millions, but has to pay taxes to the ministry of finance and social insurence. The employee receives the "netto"-salary.
It doesn't matter how much Dirk receives himself, it matters how much the club has to pay.

Dirk does not make 15 million euros net salary in the NBA. He only makes $9 million dollars net in the NBA.

Bayern's basketball budget is supposed to be around $10 million (7-8 million euros depending on the exchange rate).

So Dirk actually makes less than their budget, not "double". He was obviously just exaggerating.
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