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Default Re: German Club Bayern Munich Would Not Want Dirk Nowitzki

Originally Posted by Nash
Everyone knows Hoeness is the biggest douchebag there is. If Dirk was available he'd take him with open arms.

No, he would not, because Dirk would command to much money. Hoeneß is a manager who first and foremost wants his club to be finantially healthy and stable.

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Bayern's budget is €7 million euros (salaries are net in Germany). Dirk's salary is only about $9.3 million dollars net. So that isn't actually true. It was a huge exaggeration actually.

€7 million euros = $9.4 million

Dirk's NBA salary is 20 million us-dollars. That's about 15 million euros.
Germany nearly has the same laws for working and basically the employer has to pay a "brutto"-Salary, which means he has to pay the full 15 millions, but has to pay taxes to the ministry of finance and social insurence. The employee receives the "netto"-salary.
It doesn't matter how much Dirk receives himself, it matters how much the club has to pay.

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