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Default Re: German Club Bayern Munich Would Not Want Dirk Nowitzki

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Bayern's budget is €7 million euros (salaries are net in Germany). Dirk's salary is only about $9.3 million dollars net. So that isn't actually true. It was a huge exaggeration actually.

€7 million euros = $9.4 million

So the truth is that Dirk's salary is about the same as Bayern's budget, and not "double".

During the lockout, Kevin Durant and his agent even said that 6.5 million euros in net European basketball salary = a max NBA contract.

Actually the president and general manager of Bayern Munchen says Nowitzki's salary is double the entire budget of the basketball team.

My guess is he knows a hell of a lot more about Bayern's budget than a fulltime internet troll such as yourself.
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