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Default Re: Epic Songs Thread

Originally Posted by creepingdeath
Regarding the Conan song - this part of the suite is even more epic:
That feel when the chorale starts at 2.20 ..
Or why not just post the whole f*cking thing:


Call me crazy, but the entire album used to be my alarm. My wife thought I was crazy cause I'd listen to this every night, I was obsessed with it as a kid as well. I got every version of the Conan album, simply powerful as shit.

I want to do a tribute album and sample the whole thing (similar to the Grey Album) but I don't know where to start. I also got tons of respect for Basil (RIP) so I don't wanna tarnish this beautiful album. The intro of the film was also the intro of a mix I made.

Might listen to it now actually.
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