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Default Re: 1993 Knicks v Suns: Doc Rivers v KJ Fight!

Originally Posted by Round Mound
A Prime Barkley Barkley in His 20s vs Larry Johnson Would Have Been Fun To See.

Larry Johnson Was a 6`5.5 ftPowerforward Pure Muscle and Strong around 250 lbs But With No Fat (unlike Barkley who carried his big butt everywhere and was overweight clearly for half of the seasons he played in after 1993)

Him and Clerence Whetherespoon (Baby Barkley)...They Where Supposed To Be Like the MODERN BARKLEYs but None Quite Made It There Do To Injuries and Ofcourse Lack of Level of Play.

I really wish LJ didn't get hurt. His first two years he averaged:

20.6 points, 10.8 rebounds and 3.9 assists
on 50.9% shooting and 79.7% free throws

He was absolutely sick, and was only going to get better if it wasn't for his back.

If he was averaging those numbers today he'd be 11th in scoring and 10th in rebounding.
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