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Default Re: Recruiting for next season

I guess performance is thread bump worthy.

Ben Weixlmann ‏@BWeixScout
Andrew Wiggins dropped 57 points on 24-for-28 shooting, per @FSOhioZJackson. That's efficient.

I should mention that just early today in an SI article his motor was questioned (which I think is absurd). He took note of it in a tweet, I think, and then played like that.

@Dave3 I didn't see your post and it's been a couple months...

I definitely agree that playmaking is not a strength of his. He's not... Well I hate to throw my own guy under the bus, but he's not Harrison Barnes either. He shown some unselfishness and passing ability in some of the games I've watched. Really, though, a lot of it has to do with that he can be unstoppable going to the rim at the high school level and he's the type of player that goes for points first.

I don't have any videos. Although some tournaments tend to have replays on their site. I'll look around.

This is from the Peach Jam. completed

Search for CIA Bounce.

I strongly recommend this game against Julius Randle. Shows a good deal of his current offensive skill set (good and bad), his defensive ability against a guy bigger than what he will face in the NBA, and his ability to take over a game on both ends. The second half is where he starts to impose his talent.

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