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Default Re: 1993 Knicks v Suns: Doc Rivers v KJ Fight!

Originally Posted by Round Mound
There Have Been Plenty of Oak Tree and Sir Charles Confrontations.

The 1st One I Saw Was in 1986-87 when Oak was With the Bulls and Barkley With the Sixers. Had the Whole Game on my PC but Erased It: Barkley Toyed With Him The Whole Game, Elbowed Him, Oakley Grabbed Barkley T-Shirt and They Where Separated. Then Later on Sir Charles Forced Oakley To Be Fouled Out. Prior to that Barkley made Oakley Fall in an In Bounds Play and It Was Hilarious. That Was the same Match Jordan put up 52 (25/29 FG) and Barkley Put up like 42 Pts (on 17/25 FG) and 21 Rbs (8 Off). There Was Another Years Later, Still in the 80s I Think, When Barkley Just Slapped Him and Oakley Did The Same Thing Back and They Where Separeted. In 1996-97 There Was Another One Where Oakley Fouls Barkley after a Rebound (its on youtube).

They Never Really Liked Each Other, Mainly Oakley because They THe Announcers Kept Forgeting His Name and Calling Him Charles Barkley in the Introductions.

Here is the One from 1996-97:

you never do see Oak and Chuck with Mike, it's either one or the other.
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