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Default Re: Mass tweet to Royce White?

Originally Posted by boozehound
this is sheer ignorance. There were scads of media reports on him prior to thr draft, going back years. Every team knew the risk. The rockets chose to take that risk. Besides, its between them and him, not a bunch of keyboard warriors on ISH

Exactly, I don't understand the bogus about people writing that he should have told before he got drafted because everyone already knew it by that time.

And sure, a great majority of us troll and I definitely do it on this board but mocking this guy about his real life problems is such a pathetic move. It's one thing to diss other posters with insults, no one of us knows each other. But here's a guy who has major mental problems and no one is asking for anyone's understanding or love for the guy but mocking him for it, really?
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