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Default Re: Pistons shake up the backcourt rotation

Originally Posted by idizzle

@dd24, I like Michael Carter-Williams. I also like Lorenzo Brown from NC State, he's 6'5 PG.

I think Knight could thrive at SG than at PG. The Pistons could have a backcourt like the Hornets with Eric Gordon at SG (6'3) and
Greivis Vasquez at PG (6'6).

From what I've been reading the Pistons are gonna see how the Knight and Caldron backcourt works. I don't think its going to work. Both are 6'3.

That's what I was thinking too. I don't think the Knight/Calderon back court will work. It's just too small. This year isn't about winning games to me anyway. It's about winning the experience game.... getting our young guys a chance to get better so we can be solid next year.

I was thinking the same thing with a tall PG. Then either guy could potentially bring the ball up the court and we could still match up on the defensive end. The problem with Knight is he's just so thin. A guy like Eric Gordon is a lot thicker than Brandon Knight. He's got a lot more muscle on him and he uses that to his advantage. He can at least get a little leverage. Knight at SG will be a 6th man in the NBA (at best). If the Pistons are as set on Calderon as it sounds like, then they might end up drafting a SG or SF. Knight very well could be going to the bench. I could see Knight, Bynum, and/or Stuckey being traded. The back court will be different next year.

What gets me is none of these teams that play small ball are successful. The teams that have a shot at the title all have big back courts. When Detroit was on their tear we had Billups & Hamilton. That was a big back court, and argueably the best in the NBA. I'm completely over combo guards. I want people with defined roles from here on in. If they haven't figured it out in college, let them be another teams project.
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