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Default Re: Low Key Release: Adidas Adizero Ghost 2

Originally Posted by Underballer
difference between ghost and crazy light?
Blacklotus9 has got in depth reviews on both shoes.

I ball in the CL2, and have only tried on the ghost 2 at the store. CL2's are obviously very light and has a bouncy feel. CL2's have new sprintweb all over which may cause pinching when putting the shoes but disappears at game speed. CL2 also has sprint frame which makes it light and also serves as a nice heel counter.

Outsole/midsole is very bouncy and won't last long outdoors.

Ghost's in the other hand, offer a firmer, heavier, more traditional ride. They use an old version of sprintweb which is more breatheable IMO. Outsole is stiffer than CL2.

If you're getting any of the two go for the closest fit you can have. Both versions of sprintweb hugs your foot really well.
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