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Default Re: Which duo would you rather have?

Jordan and Hakeem are just too versatile of players. Jordan essentially has all of Kobe's strengths as a guard, but superior athleticism, defense, slashing, finish ability, catch and shoot abilities, decision making ... you name it.

Hakeem has none of Shaq's weaknesses, and can even play defense on perimeter players. Great pick and roll player offensively, and even better defensively. Can ISO in the post, or work off the ball.

LeBron has flaws if the lane gets clogged, or he's strictly turned into a jump shooter only. Same goes for Wade. They can get caught being stagnant off the ball. Neither has the post game of Kobe or Jordan.

Kobe can have some issues if you're making him beat you on the drive off the dribble, exclusively. Not big on contact, isn't the fastest player or best slasher off the ball.
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