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Default Re: Michael Jordan : The Legend Of The Greatest

Originally Posted by Glide2keva
That was a clear travel. He blatantly changed pivots on this one. But you know since Kobe did it, it's all good.

It was a great move though.
I agree. It's a blatant travel, especially in replay and not in real time.

But in real time, this would be hardly noticeable. Now, compare it to OldSchool's pointed out move from Jordan.

MJ's move was even faster, and he slid his foot as opposed to picking up and CHANGING pivot feet. Yet that's the one kid has a problem with and posts a huge rant on.

BTW, he still hasn't commented. Both moves are technical travels, but minute movement in the speed of a professional game, you don't call these travels. But sincerely, that move by Kobe is gorgeous.

A disgusting travel is this ... both feet planted on a jump shot, shuffling feet, changing pivot feet, all while stationary (not moving like MJ or Kobe on a pivot) and not getting called and then hitting a game winner
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