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Default Re: Michael Jordan : The Legend Of The Greatest

Originally Posted by Money 23
You could consider a lot of pivot moves as travels, not just in the NBA. But I mean you'd have to be ridiculously technical and strict, and would be removing a lot of beauty from the game.

To me it's not a big deal if the movement is small, and is caused by either contact from a defender (or in this case multiple) or if it's so fast when executed it doesn't need to be called. Which is the case here as well. His pivot foot slid more so than it was illegally used, or picked up and re-positioned. Sliding on pivots happens all the time. That is one hell of a nice move.

It's illegal and I don't consider it a "move."

The reason why the defender bit so hard on that was because MJ didn't just spin. The pivot didn't just slide it was lifted off the ground.

Lifting of the pivot caused the "bite" of the play by the defender.

Let's say the defender doesn't bite on the move if MJ did it legally.
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