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Default Re: Erik Spoelstra's All star starter: Bosh or Irving?

Originally Posted by Dave3
It's worth noting that for the sake of comparison, Kyrie's team record is actually 12-25 in the games he played - 1.3 wins every 4 games, with a difference of .46.
Fair point.

I said the first couple months of the season that the Cavs' record was much lower than it should be because the NBA absolutely crushed them with the early season schedule. At one point, they had played something like 11 away games to 5 home and that included a long West Coast trip to start the year.

I'm not saying this is a playoff team, but I also don't think it is the amongst the very worst in the league. What has happened since their schedule has begun to even out shows I may have been right. Finally, for the first time all season, they've actually had a grouping of games at home (4-of-6) and the Cavs are 5-2 in the last seven. That isn't just a coincidence.

And, the Cavs play the Bobcats at home tomorrow night, so it could very well be 6-2 in their last eight.

I know schedules are rarely talked about in the NBA, because they should all end up evening out, but they don't start the season anywhere close to even. Some teams play their toughest stretches to start the year, some have their easiest.

The Cavs have played 28 road games and 21 at home, which is the most road games in the NBA. The Sixers have played just 21 on the road and 26 at home, which is the least amount of road games in the NBA.

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