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Default Re: Contrived, Preconceived Stat Padding (Kobe v.s. LeBron)

Samurai Swoosh are you back to your old-self? Will ISH be flooded again with your stupid comments about Lebron like 1 or 2 years ago?

People, it's not like Lebron was passing up shots for Birdman to shoot jumpers or anything like it. He was passing up shots indeed, but to Bosh for his midrange jumper(which is usually money), to Battier, Allen for 3(who wouldn't though?), to Wade and Bosh under/around the basket for easy layups/dunks. Damn, these passes lead to very high percentage shots from his teammates which can only benefit his team. It's surely better than him taking tough fadeaway jumpers, sure it's nice to see, but not very effective.

People please be smart, you're critizing player for playing almost perfect game of basketball.
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