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Default Re: Erik Spoelstra's All star starter: Bosh or Irving?

Originally Posted by Overdrive
That's not the timeline of your posts, don't omit the first one.

You said he's[Holiday] easily better than both[the aforementioned Bosh and Irving], the reaction was a shrugging smiley with a bolded "easily". Your response was

No mention of Irving here. No change in the subject[Holiday] from your first post to this post, so "he" refers to Holiday obviously. This not like an argument with a bitch where you can backpedal, saying something was understood wrong. The posts are still here. Instead of calling everyone stupid you could admit a mistake.

I've already explained it tho. I already cleared up what I thought. I think it should have been clear, given the context, but I went back and explained. Yet people are still going on about it. Even if people misunderstood, it makes sense, given the context.
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