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Default Re: Can the Nuggets win a Ring this Year without an All Star?

If the Denver Nuggets win the championship it would probably be the greatest feat in NBA history. People like to mention the Pistons but they had one of the greatest defenders of all time in Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace was a player in Portland. Not to mention guy's like Billups and Hamilton were more proven than any single of the Nuggets players.

Nuggets have some fringe All-Star players. Maybe even a guy or two who when at their best is a legit All-Star talent. They are not a championship basketball team, even if they are playing there best basketball they are a team that can make the 2nd round and pray for an upset that takes them to the conference finals. That itself, is extremely unlikely. Right now I say you hope you catch Memphis or Golden State and get home court and win a playoff series.

It's the NBA there's like 5 teams with a legit shot at the title, if that. I just don't think a team like Denver could win the title. It would be too much of a cinderella sports movie type run. Only way possible would be if Gallo, Ty or like McGee just broke out completely in the playoffs and had people going like holy shit.

It'd be awesome to see, not only because I'm a Nuggets fan. Could you imagine the money the NBA would lose out on? People tuning in to see a team play, not an individual. Maybe it would change the NBA a little bit too, proving you don't need superstars to win a ring. In terms of impact on the rest of the league, a team like the Denver Nuggets winning the championship might have to be up there, Indiana too. It would have to change the landscape a little bit.
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