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Default Re: Videos 6 and 7 of my planned 20 on forgotten teams. __enver nuggets and 80s Mavs.

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Aguirre had mitts I haven't seen someone palm the ball like that other than MJ and a few other elite players. A retro issue of Slam from like 6 years ago had an article about Tarpley and those Mavs teams. Try and find it if you're interested.

That Nuggz mix made Michael Adams look like a star, and I really never saw anything from him other than my trading cards.

I'm all for more highlights of Fat Lever getting onto youtube. Dude was a baller.

Most of what I saw of him was on the Pistons. He wasnt doing his usual numbers but he was 29 and coming off one of his best seasons so its not like he was washed up....

I thought the Pistons got the better end of the deal when they traded Dantley for him because he wasnt a ball stopper....but he was selfish and not as much of a professional as its said Adrian was. But when they just posted him up or cleared it out for him with Isiah out of the game he did some nasty things. Mean mean pump fakes because he didnt have much elevation on his jumper and he could palm the ball till the last second and pull it back. Had guys on pogo sticks.

I didnt care for him but I clearly remember trying to mimic some of his one handed moves as a kid with my ball(that I cherished because george gervin took a jumper with it in 86....not that thats related).

He had a lot of moves you dont really see anymore. Not that people cant do them...they just dont. Helps that he was like 6'5'' but a natural in the post....those guys dont come along often.

I guess its fair to call him underrated but id more say unknown. So many high scoring swingmen for that time most of them get ignored. Dantley, Aguirre, English, Bird, Nique, Mullin, Drexler, Jordan, Kiki, Bernard, and even guys like Purvis Short, Otis Birdsong, Dale Ellis, and on and on and on.

Jordan outshined most of them too much for them to be remembered.

Kinda like how I bet Paul Pierce would have been forgotten if they never got KG and Ray. Gotta have something to stand out. 27 a game when 10 guys do it and win more doesnt do it.
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