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Default Re: Paul George or Loul Deng

Originally Posted by nathanjizzle
first off i called you a dumb monkey because obviously you are one, i dont call all blacks dumb monkeys, your only a dumb monkey if you act like once such as yourself. 2nd i only talk shit about your neighborhood because you talked shit about mine. you do think your tough because you stated your self you would "come to the suburb" with your brothers and woop my ass. sorry i would never get faded by a ****** that would need his brothers to come with him to a fight. No, not everyone has the capacity to do so, check the drunks that have nothing to do all day cept stand by the liqour store and throw trash in the parking lot, i would know i worked in englewood for 3 years.

and by the way, how is your logic serving you as we speak? loul deng vs paul george, guess i was right, you have a poor basketball opinion


You said, "Cabrini Green monkeys."

Don't back pedal.

Either way my point still stands. Youre a suburban punk who calls blacks monkeys behind your screen but would bitch up in front of real brothers from the greens or Englewood. When you worked there I bet you were quiet as a church mouse.

Then you sign your name Sosa?

You gotta be the lamest.

*you point to ONE GAME while Deng has a career of work. Trading him after you've invested so much in him and after he has played for us hurt would not sit well with Noah and Rose Is imagine. You have to think of chemistry and the team.....this ain't 2k.

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