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Default Re: Truth: LeBron James is already the greatest SF in NBA history

Originally Posted by arifgokcen
Dude i dont wanna come as a bird hater but are you delusional.

MJ wasnt gonna win MVP until his team got a respectable record and he was in college when bird started winning.

Kareem was 36 by the time bird started winning mvp's .

Only two players rivaled him.Magic and moses malone.Lebron won his first and second mvp's against prime wade(absolute domination if anyone remembers not this wade). almost prime kobe and howard.

This is as good company as any among MVP candidates.

Dude decide on your argument then talk.Dont come and talk to me like a politician.You said age and i am talking age.Get your argument right or noone will take you seriously

Bird finished second to MJ in 1988. Lebron finished third to Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard.

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