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Default Re: Truth: LeBron James is already the greatest SF in NBA history

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Averaging 26/10/3/1 on top efficiency is certainly not average.

Off course, Garnett's defense gives him the advantage as well, but Dirk's 6 point increase ppg difference and 4th quarter ability, more than gives him the edge here.

Nowitzki was able to get his team farther in the playoffs than Garnett did. Even got by the T-Wolves in 2002. I realize Garnett's teams were worse, but Nowitzki also had to be a Top player for those Mavs teams to make it work.

For sure, man, and you definitely brought it. I just don't think there's a huge gap between them. I've seen people disregard and laugh at the notion of Dirk over KG numerous times, but their career paths are neck and neck, IMO.

For the post.


Just to clarify I said Dirk's playoff numbers were average for a star. Any guy that is the leader of a team and averages 20/10 in the playoffs is great...


The value of defense vs. offense debate isn't really going to get solved. KG's playoff scoring dipped in Boston though because he focused on defense more. He was capable of averaging 25 in the playoffs if he was the focal point.


In the playoffs from 00-01 to 03-04 KG put up:

24.4 ppg / 14.9 reb / 5 ast / 1.4 stl / 2 blk / 3.4 to
on 47.3% / 30% / 75.6%

In those series KG played 43.3 minutes per game, against the following front lines (with Nesterovic or 36 year old Earvin Johnson as his front court partner):

Spurs - Duncan, Robinson,
Mavs - Shawn Bradley, Dirk, Juwon Howard, Raef LaFrentz,
Lakers - Mark Madsen, Shaq,
Nuggets - Birdman, Camby, Nene,
Kings - Brad Miller, CWebb, Vlade,
Lakers - Karl Malone, Shaq, and Horace Grant

He was running himself ragged, and took the Shaq/Kobe Lakers to 6 games twice.


Honestly looking at the playoff history, they lost to teams they should've lost to. Lakers twice, Spurs twice, Jailblazers and the Mavs. Teams that had multiple talented bigs, that KG couldn't contain by himself.

I mean that Mavs team had Finley, Nash, Van Exel and Dirků KG had Chauncey Billups.


I do think it's interesting that they've played within 3 playoff games of each other, both won a finals series, both lost one, and both got bounced early a bunch of times.

They're tough to compare. It really depends what style of play you like if you were going to start a team. I side with KG slightly, but I love Dirk.
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