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Default Re: Sam Cassell 8 second violation in 2006 playoffs

Why does it seem like so many of the most memorable moments in the past decade of NBA playoffs were either against/for the old run and gun Suns. I miss my team... f*** Robert Sarver, from the minute he took over he completely destroyed an exciting, premier team piece by piece and now all that's left is memories.

Aside from Dragic, and solid play from veterans Scola and Jermaine O'Neal who are old and wont be part of the future of the franchise anyways, I have nothing but mediocrity to look forward to in the near future unless the Suns can get lucky in the draft or pull off some amazing moves in trades/free agency(yeah right). And it's all thanks to Sarver letting star players go left and right for basically nothing, trading draft picks for cash. I'm tired of his cheap ass caring more about penny pinching than putting together a playoff bound team. Nobody wants to see losers like Beasley and Shannon Brown chuck up the ball every time it touches their hands and miss 70% of their shots until the 1 rare monthly night where they have a good game, only for them to suck another 10 games straight.

Sigh. I seriously hope Sarver sells the team to someone who actually knows how to run it.
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