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Default Re: Truth: LeBron James is already the greatest SF in NBA history

Originally Posted by arifgokcen
He is definitely the better player.However that said lebron has at least 2 more seasons of catching up to do.If he wins next two FMVP i would call him the greatest SF ever.Bird won 2 FMVP and 3 rings.3FMVP coupled with his 3MVPs should do it

Agree with this. 3 is gonna be Lebron's magic number of rings that boosts his career over many greats. IMO, with 2 total, he actually doesn't move in the rankings. Still #11 for me. However with 3 (if he absolutely dominates) he suddenly is top5. Only Jordan, Russell, and Kareem, would have better career resumes IMO.

If he gets 3 in a non-dominant fashion, I feel like you could still make a case for anyone in the current top10 against Bron...and maybe he would STILL be stuck at 11. Top 10 is tough unless you have transcendent games + resume!
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