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Default Re: Sam Cassell 8 second violation in 2006 playoffs

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Since the clock doesn't show tenths of a second, a ref really can't be sure about 8 seconds until the clock shows 15.

24.0 down to 16.0 is 8 seconds, but the clock shows 16 when there's 16.9 seconds left.

Edit: Just watched the video and the shotclock still says 16. I bet if you find the full sequence and time it out with a stopwatch it won't be 8 seconds.

That's not how the shot clock works.
In that case the red light would come up only 1 second after the clock hits zero.
If i remember correctly, shot cluck runs out as soon as the clock hits zero.
And I think when the clock is reset it shows 24 for a whole second, and doesn't switch to 23 right after a millisecond...
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