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Default Re: Clippers vs Knicks: 7 game series..who wins?

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Knicks have a worse record and have most of the year. Therefor Clippers would have HCA if let's say they actually meet in the finals.
Debatable. Knicks are 31-15 while the Clippers are 34-16.
Clippers are better percentage wise but played more games and have one more loss.
Knicks have two winnable games coming up (Wizards,Wolves) before facing the Clippers at MSG while the Clippers have to face Miami.

Not saying it will happen but it certainly a possibility that Knicks win their 2 games and then beat the Clippers at MSG while the Clippers lose against Miami and beat Orlando.
Then the Knicks would have a 34-15 record while the Clippers would be 35-18.

That's just a possibility,it could go other way and the Knicks might lose all 3 with Clippers winning all 3 but I say this scenario is more likely considering CP3 is out and that the Clipps have been playing like shit lately.
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