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Default Re: Cousins gets ejected at halftime.

Originally Posted by knickballer
Why would OKC do that trade? OKC doesn't need a blackhole on offense and somehow who'd ruin their chemistry. Perkins may be useless on offense but he provides solid defense and the terminator role that Cousins will never provide.

You need team players like Perkins and Collison, players that provide balance for the team.

You have to be out of your mind to seriously think that how can a blackhole average 3 assists from the C spot on a shithouse team? If OKC got Cousins that would be the biggest steal since Kwame for Pau, how is he going to ruin the chemistry when hes going to open the floor for everyone and is 100 times better passer than that Scrub Perkins. Why wouldn't the OKC Thunder do the trade if they don't give up there main guys.

Please explain to me how he has ruined Sacramento's chemistry since coming into the NBA, by giving Salmons, Jimmer, Thornton, Thomas and everyone else wide open looks which they brick? Other than Lebron, Durrant or CP3 there is not another player this team would be 500. The team chemistry went to shit the moment they traded Beno Udrih and Samual Dalembert and drafting scrubs with lottery picks non-stop.

Kings playing better with him ejected.

We play terrible against the Kings always.

10 points 6 boards 2assists 2steals 1 block in 19mins of play and they get better without him?

Both times this year hes been ejected against the Jazz no other player in the L would have been for doing what he did.

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