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Default Re: Erik Spoelstra's All star starter: Bosh or Irving?

Originally Posted by brandonislegend
Except Iverson had a bad attitude and was a problem in the locker room. No shit GM didn't want them on his team the guy didn't take practicing seriously as a professional athlete, no one is denying his talent or what he has done but you have to take character into account when talking about starting a franchise, Irving has shown no signs anything like that, on top of that Irving is much more efficient whether its shot selection or just straight FG%

Read the last paragraph. I know that. But look at the extent they went. They said he wasn't top 25. If any GM is willing to say Iverson, in his prime and at his most unselfish, isn't a top 25 player in the league...that same GM can't be stupid enough to say he'd rather have Holiday? 25 man. 25. Think about that. Think of what players that GM has to think are better than Iverson. Not guys he'd rather have, but are better. Anyone willing to vote that way is willing to look at Holiday and Irving and take Holiday because Holiday is a great defender and because they'll think Irving is a scorer more than a PG, and that he's too small to be a SG, and on and on. It doesn't matter if it's right, but it's stupid to think that it's absolutely certain that every single GM would make that decision. The truth is that it's more than likely that there is at least one GM in the league who would take Holiday.
Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Coach Spo is going to pick Chris Bosh if this is the case.

He really wouldn't pick his own player ?

Nothing wrong with it. There's no good reason for him to pick Irving over Bosh. It's not like Irving has been clearly better or better at all than Bosh has been. The Heat have the best record and it's his best player. A lot of coaches would do it. It's not ridiculous. The problem is that a few other guys are clearly better but no one is considering them.

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